When you're mostly straight but bi-curious about other forms of sexuality, meet with the local Havant counsellor who can help…

  • When you're pretty-much straight… but curious about sexuality.
  • When discovering same-sex attraction is confusing / distressing.
  • When you've never had sex with the same gender, but think you'd like to.

Trusted by hundreds of clients over 18 years…

Dean Richardson MNCS(Acc) MBACP(Accred).
Registered & Accredited Member British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy.
Havant, Hampshire, PO9 1PF.

Mostly Straight Counselling…
When you're mostly straight but bi-curious about other forms of sexuality, meet with the local Havant counsellor who can help…
  • When you're pretty-much straight… but curious about sexuality.
  • When discovering same-sex attraction is confusing / distressing.
  • When you've never had sex with the same gender, but think you'd like to.

Trusted by clients over 18 years…

Dean Richardson MNCS MBACP.
Havant, Hampshire, PO9 1PF.

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Your Local “Sexuality” Counsellor.

When you're mostly straight but you're sexually curious about your other forms of sexual engagement; you'd like to talk things through with the Havant Sexuality Counsellor who could help.

I’m Dean Richardson. I’m an experienced, fully qualified private counsellor. I work with people on matters around their sexuality and their sexual orientation. A Sexuality Counsellor, if you will 🙂
  • Am I Straight?
  • Am I Bisexual?
  • Am I Gay?

Sexuality Counsellor Dean Richardson MNCS(Acc) MBACP(Accred)
Counsellor Dean Richardson MNCS(Acc) MBACP(Accred)

Why Trust Dean Richardson?

Professional Memberships.

Accredited Member of the National Counselling Society.
Accredited Member of the British Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy.

Being an accredited and registered member of both the NCS and BACP means that:-

  • (a) Dean is a fully-qualified and very experienced professional counsellor,
  • (b) Dean’s substantial experience has been verified via accreditation (actual practice now over 3,000 clinical hours),
  • (c) Dean enhances his knowledge through 30 hours (minimum) annual continued professional development,
  • (d) Dean adheres to the BACP Ethical Framework and the complaints & disciplinary procedures.

Does Counselling Work?

If a main aim of counselling is to reduce distress levels (by bringing understanding to counter fear and raise personal affect), then every client using counselling with Dean* experienced an improvement in their distress levels.

Before Counselling Begins… After Counselling Ends…
[Severe] [Low Level]
[Moderately Severe] [Mild]
[Moderate] [Healthy]
[Mild] [Healthy]
*The table uses anonymous data from individuals counselling with Dean Richardson MNCS(Acc) MBACP(Accred) during 2009-2010. Data measured using CORE Outcome Measure (CORE-OM 34). CORE-OM 34 covers four dimensions: subjective well-being, problems / symptoms, life functioning and risk/harm. The data shows that every client experienced improvements in distress levels.

Why Choose Dean Richardson as your Counsellor?

  • Dean Richardson MNCS(Acc) MBACP(Accred) is the guy you’d have a conversation with when you’ve got matters around sexuality to discuss. Don’t let the letters put you off. They show his professional membership; and even with all that experience, he’s an awfully down-to-earth bloke… he can swear and everything!
  • Dean’s counselling offices are based in Central Havant (South Street) in Hampshire (United Kingdom)……which are easy to get to by bus or by car. You may park your car in front for free.
  • Dean is a fully qualified (technical bit coming…) psychodynamic, systemic & cognitive-behavioural therapist,…meaning he’s good with stuff that’s hanging around from the past, and with your relationships.
  • He is accredited by both the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy and the National Counselling Society and is a registered counsellor,…meaning that he’s safe, experienced, and knows what he’s doing. He’s also answerable to professional bodies in the unlikely event that you raise a serious complaint.

When an LGBT/Questioning person simply wishes to talk things through with an LGBT /Questioning Sexuality Counsellor, Dean Richardson would be that counsellor.

Benefits of Choosing Dean’s Counselling Service.

  • Free car parking (outside of office hours) or access to multiple car parks within 5 minutes’ walk.
  • 5 minutes drive from the A27 (Junction signposted “Emsworth” A259, but turn left at the roundabout towards Havant).
  • 50 minute or 90 minute sessions available, once a week or more often as needed.
  • Multiple bus routes to/from Havant’s Bus Station.
  • Gay, male Accredited (BACP / NCS) counsellor, qualified & very experienced.
  • Set number of sessions or more open-ended as you need.
  • Affordable fees.
  • Flexible rates for those who may struggle to afford private counselling costs.

Travel to Havant, Hampshire.

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Am I Gay? Am I Straight?

Discovering attraction to someone of the same gender can leave you worrying: “am I gay?”. However, discovering a potential change with our sexual orientation may not always be about, say, “being gay”.

An example of unconscious processes:

As human beings, our unconscious mind can hold hidden feelings and desires away from conscious thought. Sometimes, these deeply buried feelings can leak into the conscious mind. Our conscious mind, perhaps unfamiliar with such feelings, may struggle to understand what’s going on.

You might think of it like a deaf person communicating to you in sign-language… you could guess what’s being signed, but it’s in a language unfamiliar to you. You try to make your best guess.

So, your conscious mind may be making its best guess to your new feelings. Perhaps it thinks: “… ok, these feelings must mean that I’m sexually attracted to that man”. Such a guess might leave you concerned about being (becoming?) gay.

In psychodynamic counselling: when we look at the message(s) a little deeper we might find a better-fitting understanding than “I might be gay”. Perhaps another interpretation for your feelings might be: “…I’m missing closeness and/or care I used to get from the (a?) man”. From this, we might be curious about what ‘the man’ could be symbolising and we might broaden our understanding through conversation.

Working together can bring greater understanding, leading to much needed relief.

It is, what it is.

This is just one example of psychodynamic counselling work. Of course, your situation will be unique to you and that’s what you and Dean will discover together.

As the American’s say: “it is what it is” ~ meaning your newly discovered sexual attractions to the same sex may be just that: a simple, sexual attraction to someone of the same gender. And you and Dean can talk about that too.

Dean’s role as a sexuality counsellor is to assist you and support you with your questions… until he becomes redundant to your needs.

Couple & Group LGBT/Q Counselling.

Group Counselling Room, Havant, Hampshire.

Group Counselling in Havant, Hampshire.

Dean not only works with lesbian, gay, bi and straight individuals, he also works with relationships in counselling. This means he can work with groups of people (from 2 up to around 8).

As a result of training in systemic (family) counselling, Dean can work with couples who wish to work on relationship problems.

He can also work with groups of people (eg a polyamorous relationship) about problems within their their group relationship.

Kinda handy if you’re in, say, a same-sex marriage and are having relationship conflicts.

Or if you’re in a group (business, social, polyamorous etc) and your group needs to work through some difficulties.

The low down…

Experiences with sexuality are all perfectly natural, although they may be distressing when they’re first experienced.

We have various “tags” for sexuality: fluid, static, heterosexual homosexual, bisexual, and asexual, but a tag doesn’t describe your feelings, your experiences, nor how you might deal with them.

  • Dean Richardson is an affordable, private counsellor with a range of fees to match the counselling services you need.
When you’re unsure what’s going on with your sexuality, you would meet with Counsellor Dean Richardson to talk things over…

Havant Counselling

Dean RichardsonMNCS(Acc) MBACP(Accred).
Counsellor & Couple/Group Therapist @ Havant Counselling
c/o Davies Pharmacy Ltd, 12 West Street, Havant, Hampshire, PO9 1PF, Great Britain.

Work: +44-(239)-298-7487

Sexuality Counselling

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