About Divorce Counselling.

When your marriage is ending, and you wish to plan your separation… together.

You may believe: “to get divorced we have to have solicitors act/talk on our behalf”. And for partners who are divorcing who cannot bear to talk with each other, this may very well be true. Yet, meeting with a Divorce Counsellor such as Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant) you may be surprise about how effective (emotionally effective and cost effective) planning your own divorce could be. You wouldn’t be the first.

As a Divorce Counsellor, Dean avoids taking on the role of “divorce expert”; experts judge, prescribe and “tell” and Dean’s role is of a counsellor/mediator whose active participation is to empower the couple’s relationship so it can plan and work through the couple’s unique divorce.

Anecdotally, this process has cost some marriages less than having solicitors act & communicate on the couple’s behalf.

When your marriage has reached a stage where it must end, and you both wish to stay amicable to work through the separation together, Dean Richardson would be the divorce counsellor to consider facilitating your marriage’s end.

Havant Counselling Dean Richardson

The divorce counselling process is aimed at empowering the both of you into making your own decisions on how to close your own relationship. Topics that may be considered could include:

  • How the relationship will research necessary tasks (e.g. researching legal matters for later discussion).
  • How to manage separation-conflicts (e.g. when disagreements happen, how the relationship will go about resolving them).
  • Children’s needs.
  • How assets of the marriage (joint bank accounts, the home, pets, other assets) will be managed and/or divided.
  • How personal items will be managed and/or divided (e.g. photographs, mementos).
  • How important paperwork will be exchanged.
  • How each of you will manage your own Divorce File (i.e. a collection of necessary paperwork).
  • Whether you will engage solicitors or not (solicitors do not have to be involved if both of you are collaborating sufficiently well to file your own paperwork).
  • How you will manage legal requirements (e.g. ultimately filing for divorce).

A Summary of Divorce Counselling.

No Waiting

Solicitors and mediation services regularly have to have you wait until they are available to take you on. Going to a private divorce counsellor your first appointment may be arranged for the following week.


Divorce counselling sessions are (of a minimum) weekly. This gives you a known date-in-the diary when you will meet your partner for the next round of discussions. Regular sessions also help with budgeting, arranging baby-sitting, and provides a containing safe place where you may both focuses on the divorce.


Not Time Restricted

Couples’ lives together are not limited by time, so neither is divorce counselling. We’ll first clearly identify the goals, then you will have the weekly sessions to work through the goals together during regular sessions.

Suitable for…

Suitable for adult marriages in any form of marital relationship (traditional, non-traditional, gay, lesbian, same-sex etc). Divorce Counselling helps empower the couple to organise their own separation.

Private counselling near me serving locations in and around central Havant, Petersfield to Waterlooville, Cosham to Portsmouth & Southsea, Southampton to Chichester, Fareham to Gosport, Hayling Island, Emsworth, Westbourne, Rowland's Castle, local residents anywhere in between and regularly further afield!

Distinct Approach to Divorce Counselling.

About Dean @ Havant Counselling.

You could choose any counsellor in and around Havant, 'natch!

Yet, when you think that this may be the most personal, private and vulnerable you're going to be with someone professional, you'd probably choose:

  • someone you can grow to trust,
  • someone who demonstrates highly competent skills, ethics and sensitivity.
  • someone who speaks plain English (rather than psychobabble),
  • someone who's as happy to use base/swearing language as much (or as little) as you do,
  • someone who considers himself a frank, no bullshit counsellor, particularly you when you're in need of an authentic response (rather than an "hmm"),
  • someone who would become an equal part of your therapeutic partnership (e.g. doesn't just sit mostly in silence for 50 minutes).
Does this peak your interest in meeting Dean @ Havant Counselling to experience all of this this for real?

Dean Richardson MNCS(Accred / Reg) - a simply private choice.

Couple Counselling Fees.

How Counselling Fees Work.

Unlike NHS services (where you have already paid through NI taxation), private counselling will cost you some money.

Couple Counselling sessions are weekly, and last for a standard 50 minutes (with the option to book 90 minute sessions if you both prefer). Although sessions are once a week (except for holidays), you may also attend more than once a week if all three of us think that this would be helpful.

Our sessions will continue one or more of us thinks that we've done enough; then we'll have a conversation about bringing our counselling work to a close.

Fees are payable on the day of our session.

You may pay your counselling fees online (e.g. by a bank transfer, credit/debit card payment or PayPal) or pay in person (cash, cheque [made out to Dean Richardson], credit/debit card).

Restricted Income: If I have spaces available, a lower fee is negotiable should your income make private counselling a struggle to afford. This is not charity (you still must contribute a fee) and it will involve discussing your income and expenditure with the aim to discover a rate that you can afford responsibly. I do not always have any lower-fee spaces available, so please ask when you first get in contact.

Appointments for Counselling.

Skype & Zoom Video Counselling:

Covid-19 Lockdown & Self-Isolating (August 2020): the balance of risks and rewards argue against reopening my counselling service's Face-to-Face practice for the time being. Counselling services continue to be available via video telehealth (Skype, Zoom etc) - click for full details…

My Skype/Video appointments are Mondays & Thursdays (~noon to 9pm) and Wednesdays (~noon to 4pm). Having agreed on a weekly session day/time this stays with us until we have completed our work (or there’s a need to change).

Choose your Weekly Day & Time.

Sessions times are 50 minutes (by default) or 90 minutes when available.

Video Counselling (Skype, Zoom…)
Monday Appointments:Waiting list (contact me to discuss)
Tuesday Appointments:Not available
Wednesday Appointments:Waiting list (contact me to discuss)
Thursday Appointments:12pm1pm2pm3pm4pm5pm6pm7pm8pm
Friday Appointments:Not available
Weekend Appointments:Not available

Video Counselling (Skype, Zoom…)
Visit HavantCounselling.com
Mon:Waiting List (contact me)
Tue:Not Available
Wed:Waiting List (contact me)
Thu:3pm or 4pm
Fri:Not Available
W/E:Not Available
Preferred Appointment not available? Register now for free notifications…

Waiting lists may be available for unlisted times.

Times in red are the most popular, and usually the first to go.

Counselling sessions are (at a minimum) weekly, last for 50 minutes, and on the same day and time each week. You may wish to come more than once a week. You may also choose a 90 minute session (by prior arrangement).  Unfortunately I'm unable to support shift-workers.

Our counselling work together continues for as long (or as brief) as we both think it's helpful… and then we'll look at bringing our work to a close.

Fees are due on the day of the session (cash, cheque [made out to Dean Richardson], credit & debit cards).

Ending counselling: it can be helpful to bring up the idea of ending counselling first. Sometimes the need to end may be a mask for something else (avoiding difficult feelings, can't say something, acting out etc) and it can be helpful to distinguish, together, what ending may mean in our work. We'll talk about endings with some thought and some planning on how you might like to say goodbye.

Free Appointment Notifications!

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Sessions begin on the hour. Mondays or Thursdays: 5pm‑8pm, Wednesdays: noon‑4pm

What type of counselling:

Your email address will only be used to send you newly available appointment information. Your subscription lasts for up to two months, after which it expires automatically (no need to unsubscribe).

Planned Breaks.

The following table lists the dates of my planned breaks this year (i.e. when I am not available).

  • Monday 31st August 2020 to Sunday 6th September 2020 (7 days).
  • Monday 19th October 2020 to Sunday 25th October 2020 (7 days).
  • Monday 14th December 2020 to Sunday 3rd January 2021 (21 days).

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The Cove Therapy Rooms, 12 West Street Havant Hampshire PO9 1PF UK
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