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Ayahuasca and Counselling – Supporting your Awakening Journey

You’ve planned to attend a reputable ayahuasca ceremony abroad. When you get back home, do you have the support you may need from your spiritual and emotional journey? This counsellor can help.

Counselling Arrangements when Returning out of Lockdown (July 2021)

UPDATE (14th June, 2021) - the Government has announced that Lockdown in England is to be extended a further 4 weeks, now scheduled to end on Monday 19th July. The Government has announced plans on how we will return / hope to be returning out of lockdown by June...

Credit & Debit Card Surcharges Removed

At midnight 12th January 2018 (effective 13th January 2018) the British government banned surcharges on all credit card, debit card and online payments made by cards (e.g. PayPal). Details: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2018/jan/13/credit-card-surcharge-debit-ban...

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