During Covid-19 Lockdown, seeking a "professional video counsellor near me" you'll find Dean Richardson MNCS(Acc/Reg) - with 20 years+ experience and who's skilled in offering Video Counselling online. It's a relief to find a local, Havant telehealth therapist working in confidence with Skype, Zoom…


Using Video at Havant Counselling.

What if good counselling could be achieved online from the privacy of your own home?

Video counselling & psychotherapy is ideal for individuals (using a video capable device) and couples (using two video devices) who wish to access Dean Richardson MNCS(Acc/reg)’s experienced services online (now into his 21st year of practice) but who are unable – or don’t wish – to travel weekly to Havant Counselling due to situations such as the Covid-19 Lockdown.

Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp etc.

Instead of travelling to Havant for weekly counselling sessions, you use your home or office and (using your home broadband or Smartphone data plan) you “dial-in” to your counsellor online for your usual 50 or 90 minutes online therapy session.

The video counselling session  is the same, in format, as if meeting face-to-face: it remains conversation based, you and Dean discussing and working through the problems at hand via weekly sessions.

Because you’ll be in your home (or office) you’ll be taking some of the responsibility usually handled by the counsellor. You’ll ensure your privacy, not disturbed during session, and taking care of your physical-location needs (such as tissues, water etc).

Bonus: no hand-washing, 2-metre distancing nor mask wearing needed with Havant Counselling via Skype & Zoom Video 👍🏻.

Havant Counselling Dean Richardson

Preparing Video Counselling.

When considering Skype / Zoom video counselling the following preparations & considerations will be required of you:

  • Remember that the session is (still) professional. Even though you’re at home with easy access to your fridge and comfy pyjamas, aim to behave as if you would be meeting your counsellor face-to-face.
  • Have your video device prepared well in advance with the software installed that you and Dean have agreed upon first contact (Skype is preferred, but Dean can also use Zoom, WhatsApp, Facebook and others – provided there’s a prior conversation about your privacy and choice of app. NB: iPhone-specific software cannot be used unless Apple have made a PC or Android version available – sorry!). Ensure that your Operating System has all updates installed the day before (some upgrades can take a long time).
  • Use a table or stand if using a tablet or Smartphone (rather than holding the device for 50/90 minutes). Keeping the device held not only relieves your hands, it helps prevent feelings of sea-sickness in the observer if you’re moving your camera.
Skype Counselling
  • Try to place your camera at eye level so that you’re looking at your device on the horizontal. This ensures that you’re not looking down or up at your counsellor (which you may not notice consciously, but being on the same visual level as your counsellor avoids any disturbing sense interfering with the counselling session).
  • You will need a room that’s private and away from others’ earshot. If this is not possible, perhaps others in your house might leave for an hour).
  • Ensure that your environment is quiet – Skype & Zoom (etc) use technology that can “take over” the audio channel when you speak (or when there is sound in your room). If your room is noisy you may find that the counsellor’s voice becoming cut off.
  • Make sure you won’t be disturbed: tell others in your house not to come into your room. Maybe put a note on your room’s door – or your house’s front door – saying “Do Not Disturb” so that others are reminded before they enter your room and/or your doorbell isn’t rung. It’s quite disturbing when you’re halfway discussing something private or sensitive only to have someone burst into your room (be it a child needing your attention or another adult).
  • You may find earphones/microphone or a “Gamer’s” headset helpful for your privacy. Skype and Zoom can work well without, but sometimes without just moving the device blocks the counsellor’s audio for a few seconds.
  • Be aware of your environment: think about things such as lighting where the window is, how far away you are from the microphone and camera, is there other things on your device’s screen that might distract you, are your messaging apps closed, are all bandwidth sucking apps closed (eg Dropbox, Google Drive etc).
  • Send your session fee (such as bank transfer or using my Online Card Payment Service).
  • During the first session we’ll allow some time to get our devices working suitably.
  • How each session begins depends upon the actual app/service being used but Dean will join each counselling session at the precise start time. Examples: Skype – Dean will call your device(s). Zoom – you may join our exclusive meeting room before Dean connects. Be logged in to your app just before each counselling session time.

Video Couple Counselling.

  • Prepare to use two video devices rather than one. You may sit in the same room or a separate room.
  • It may be helpful to think of couple counselling as assisting you to be able to talk to each other with an observer offering feedback & interventions. This, rather than both of you looking at a single screen waiting for the therapist to offer a form of instruction/lecture on your relationship.
  • If one of you intentionally disconnects during the counselling session, the session will be brought to a close with the remaining partner. Think of it like this: Couple Counselling is therapy for the relationship, and when one partner disconnects from the session the “relationship” has effectively left the therapy session. Counselling will resume at the next scheduled session.
Counselling via Skype Video in Havant
Counselling via Zoom Video in Havant

Experienced Online / Internet Counsellor.

OnlineCounsellors.co.uk Completion CertificateDean has been practising face-to-face counselling for over 20 years. Additionally, he also has practical experience in remote telecommunications (a) from his many years as an IBM IT Engineer (prior to retraining in psychotherapy) and (b) by completing the in-depth, six module training course from Online Counselling (website domain now defunct) designed & delivered by Dr Kate Anthony FBACP way back in 2007.

After completing his online training, Dean set up his first telehealth counselling website: iCounsellor.co.uk (yup – the iPhone was released by Apple coincidentally around this time too 🤣). Dean specialised in Skype Video Counselling for Couples in Long Distance Relationships for many years (e.g. couple counselling with one partner calling in from Canada, one partner calling in from India, Dean calling in from the UK).

If you need further convincing of Dean’s skills with the Internet: this whole website was designed & built by Dean, is maintained by him, and is delivered from his own Linux LAMP server (also maintained by him).

Let’s go out on a limb, here, and offer that there’s possibly not many counsellors with such combined & deep experience in Information Technology, Internet and Psychotherapy with whom you might feel confident and safe working on your own therapy.

Online Privacy with Counselling.

Because of the subjects Dean specialises in as a counsellor (eg Counselling for Men, Unwanted Sexual Behaviour, Pre-Trial Counselling, Sexuality etc) it wouldn’t be surprising for people considering video counselling to be extra concerned about their privacy.

Maybe having a read of the following articles may inform and educate:-

Plans for Face-to-Face Counselling.

At some point in the near future returning to face-to-face counselling will become safe again. When that seems feasible – and if Dean and you are still working on video counselling – you will have a conversation together to make plans such as:-

  • Continuing to meet via Skype Video until the work is ended (we make have to consider a change of day and/or time).
  • Making plans to transition from Skype Video to Face-to-Face (possibly with a change in day and/or time).

No changes will be made to our appointment day and time until matters have been discussed and planned for.

Counselling Chair

What to do Now

Please check out the following pages to prepare you to get in contact for counselling:-

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The Cove Therapy Rooms, 12 West Street Havant Hampshire PO9 1PF UK
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