About Group Counselling.

Sometimes, relationships within a group can become so strained… they risk breaking up the group entirely.

Whether professional groups, social groups, intimate or platonic, members of a group can become so unhappy with each other that the group becomes uncooperative, even provoking disruptive or abusive behaviour (something group counsellors may call “acting out”).

Meeting with Group Counsellor Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant) can help a group to look at, address and discharge group-relationship problems.

Dean is an IBM-Trained Group Facilitator (team & business focus), holds the Institute of Group Analysis Foundation in Group Analysis (Foulkesian / matrix focus), and holds a diploma in Systemic & Psychodynamic (couple relationship focus) counselling. He facilitates a safe, therapeutic working environment for groups of up to eight people. He support the group in defining their own safety protocols and working through their conflicts and difficulties, putting in actions to resolve current disputes and enabling the group to become creative with its own approach to handling future difficulties.

When your group needs to look at their problems (whether common, related or disparate), then get in contact with Dean Richardson.

Havant Counselling Dean Richardson

Group Counselling Services Summary.

No Waiting

Unlike NHS and charity counselling services, private group counselling has no long waiting lists. As a private group counsellor & facilitator, Dean often has a free session time that could fit the group’s needs. Your group can afford to address its problems by seeing a private group counsellor.


To be effective, group counselling sessions are weekly. Any greater time between sessions will weaken the group’s work. Every group member is to attend all sessions until the work is done enough for the group to go it alone (then we will arrange for the group to end its relationship with the counsellor.


Open Ended

A group’s relationship is likely not limited by time. Group counselling is neither limited by time. We’ll clearly identify the group’s problems, then ~ if the group chooses ~ we can either work on agreed problems together, or the group can leave counselling and work on the problems themselves. The group counsellor’s role is to become (eventually) redundant to the group’s needs.

Suitable for…

Suitable for a group of adults who are related in some way (eg work related, socially, family, polyamorous etc). Group counselling helps all group members to identify what’s getting in the way of the group being able to work through the problems together.

Private counselling services serving locations near and within central Havant, Petersfield to Waterlooville, Cosham to Portsmouth & Southsea, Southampton to Chichester, Fareham to Gosport, Hayling Island, Emsworth, Westbourne, Rowland's Castle, local residents anywhere in between and regularly further afield!

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Why Group Counselling?

We all work and live in groups such as these:-

  • Teams at work.
  • Family relationships.
  • Flat mates.
  • Neighbours.
  • Giving time to Charity.
  • Business Relationships.
  • Polyamorous groups.
  • Kink/sexual groups.
Often these groups work well together. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they REALLY don’t.

When groups are not working well together ~ but they have to work well ~ you’d consider Group Counselling from Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant)).

Group Counselling allows the group to:-

  • Identify the group’s conflicts, problems and triggers.
  • Define the group’s rules and goals.
  • Resolve the group’s problems.
  • Assist each other working through relationship difficulties.
Havant Counselling

Dean Richardson is an IBM-trained Business Group Facilitator. Employing additional theoretical frameworks from Family Systems/Milan Associates systemic counselling and Foulkesian group analysis, Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant) becomes a (temporary!) member of the group, conducting the group to find its own way forward out of group conflicts.

Working weekly in sessions of 90 minutes a time, and at Dean’s Havant Offices, his aim is to become redundant to the group so that the group can work on matters ~ existing and new ~ on their own.

Ask if Group Counselling could assist your group relationships, business teams or social groups to working together effectively once more…

Not all Problems are Problems.

Group work embraces all sorts of angles to a group’s difficulties, including discussing topics that are of no-difficulty at all. Not every group member will have the same set of problems of other members. Change and growth as the result of being a member of a (therapeutically-based) group does not necessarily come from the person resolving all of his personal difficulties. Regularly, listening to the group discuss something that is not a difficulty for a group member can have a profound awakening effect upon that group member. “What? Others don’t have to deal with my problem? Now I’m interested…!”

About Havant Counsellor.

You could choose any counsellor in and around Havant .

Yet, when you think that this may be the most personal, private and vulnerable you're going to be with a professional, you'd choose:

  • someone you can trust,
  • someone who demonstrated highly competent skills and ethics,
  • who spoke plain English (not lots of psychobable),
  • who's as happy to swear as much as you do,
  • who makes you an equal part of the therapeutic partnership (e.g. doesn't just sit in silence, saying "Hmm" for 50 minutes)
…then you'd be interested in trying out Dean Richardson MNCS(Accredited Registrant).

A simply private choice, really.

Group Counselling Fees.

How Counselling Fees Work.

Unlike NHS services (where you have already paid through NI taxation), private counselling will cost you some money.

Group Counselling sessions are weekly, and last for a standard 90 minutes. Sessions are once a week (except for holidays)The fee shown is per individual group member / per weekly session (whether attended or missed). Groups are a minimum of 4 members and a maximum of 8 members.

Where groups are created of members known to each other (such as a polyamorous group) sessions will continue until the group decides the work is done. Other groups will agree their own method of closure.

Fees are payable on the day of our session.

You may pay your counselling fees online (e.g. by a bank transfer, credit/debit card payment or PayPal) or pay in person (cash, cheque [made out to Dean Richardson], credit/debit card).

Restricted Income: If I have spaces available, a lower fee is negotiable should your income make private counselling a struggle to afford. This is not charity (you still must contribute a fee) and it will involve discussing your income and expenditure with the aim to discover a rate that you can afford responsibly. I do not always have any lower-fee spaces available, so please ask when you first get in contact.

Counselling Appointments.

I offer counselling sessions on Mondays and Thursdays (~5pm until 9pm) and Wednesdays (~noon to 4pm). After we have agreed a day & time for your weekly counselling appointment this day & time will stay with you until the end of our work.

When beginning counselling for the first time you can choose your preferred session day(s) and time(s) from the following table:-

Couples & Individuals (Havant, Hampshire)
Monday Appointments:Waiting list (contact me to discuss)
Tuesday Appointments:Not available
Wednesday Appointments:Short waiting list / daytime appointment due to become available soon (contact me to discuss)
Thursday Appointments:Waiting list (contact me to discuss)
Friday Appointments:Not available
Weekend Appointments:Not available
Groups (Waterlooville, Hampshire)
Click to go to WaterloovilleCounselling.co.uk
Tuesday Appointments:Waiting list (contact me to discuss)

Couples & Individuals (Havant, Hampshire)
Mon:Waiting List (contact me)
Tue:Not Available
Wed:Short Waiting List / daytime appointment due to become available soon (contact me)
Thu:Waiting List (contact me)
Fri:Not Available
W/E:Not Available
Groups (Waterlooville, Hampshire)
Visit WaterloovilleCounselling.co.uk
Tue:Waiting List (contact me)
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Waiting lists may be available for unlisted times.

NOTICE: Dean is not available from Monday 28th October to Sunday 3rd November (inclusive).

Times in red are the most popular, and usually the first to go.

Counselling sessions are (at a minimum) weekly, last for 50 minutes, and on the same day and time each week.

Optionally, you may wish to come more than once a week. You may even choose a weekly 90 minute session length (by prior arrangement).

Our counselling work together continues for as long (or as brief) as we both think it's helpful… and then we'll look at bringing our work to a close.

Fees are due on the day of the session (cash, cheque [made out to Dean Richardson], credit & debit cards).

Ending counselling: rather than one day saying "I'm ending counselling today" it is helpful to bring up the idea of ending counselling in session first. Sometimes the need to end may be a mask for something else (avoiding difficult feelings, can't say something, acting out loss etc) and it can be helpful to distinguish, together, what ending may mean in our work. We'll talk about endings with some thought and some planning on how we might say goodbye.

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Planned Breaks.

The following table lists the dates of my planned breaks this year (i.e. when I am not available).

  • Monday 28th October 2019 to Sunday 3rd November 2019 (7 days).
  • Monday 16th December 2019 to Thursday 2nd January 2020 (18 days).

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