Distinctly Private Counselling.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is a “talking therapy”. It’s space for people to discuss their problems, difficult feelings and/or puzzlement with an experienced professional. Such conversations are regular (e.g. weekly), private, confidential and always with the same counsellor. When you want support in making autonomous changes to your life, or you wish to explore troubling thoughts and feelings in depth with someone experienced in this sort of thing, counselling could be for you.

Counselling is not a service where you’ll be told what to do. There are no prescribed solutions, no “if you do these three steps everything will become fine again”. Instead, counselling mines with a much greater set of tools: your own creativity, inspiration and insight (acknowledging that such resources may not be in great supply to begin with) and it’s all done through conversation… going at your pace… and together.

Maybe think of it like this: your counsellor becomes the passenger in your car, and he’ll accompany you where you need to drive – whether the journey is scary or straightforward, familiar or strange, whether you both discover a better route, whether the journey is long or short, is done in one go or done in stages – the journey is completed together until you reach a good-enough place to stop; then go your separate ways.

Counsellor Dean Richardson MNCS(Acc) MBACP(Accred) ~ Registration #018839.

Creating a distinct therapy together with every new client…

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Counselling I can offer you in Havant.

Individual Counselling

Got something personal to work through? Something private?

Grow to trust your relationship with experienced counsellor Dean Richardson – and work through those personal matters. For one-on-one counselling.

Counselling theoretical framework based upon psychodynamic, CBT and integrative principles.

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Couple Counselling

Severe relationship conflicts? Difficulties in your marriage?

Work couple conflicts together with experienced relationship counsellor Dean Richardson. He’ll become a part of your relationship until you make him redundant.

Therapeutic framework based on sound (family) systemic and psychodynamic principles.

Learn about couple counselling…

Group Counselling

Difficulties in your group? Can’t work together?

Group counselling for 4 to 8 people. When your group has to figure out new ways of relating. Business teams, polyamorous relationships, friends/flatmates.

Based on sound group-analytical & psychodynamic principles.

Learn about Group Counselling…

LGBT /Q Counselling

Need a specialist in LGBT /Questioning Counselling?

Unlike heteronormative counsellors, Dean actually has a speciality in counselling with lesbian women, gay men, bisexual, sexuality-questioning people and fluidity. More than just a GSD ally.

Based on sound therapeutic approaches and personal research.

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Havant Counsellor Dean Richardson
Havant Counsellor Dean Richardson

How different am I from other counsellors?


Distinct Counselling…

We’ll work to create a distinct form of therapy that works for you. This (eventually!) will require your active participation (counsellors have no “cures” to prescribe), but to begin with we’ll go at your pace to tell your story.

Some people can feel that they’re at their wits’ end when contacting a counsellor. This is what makes my years of experience distinctly unique: together we’ll begin to discover ways forward. It can seem like magic! And sometimes it just feels very good to talk with someone.

Independent of the NHS…

Our counselling relationship is private. No information gets sent to your NHS records (National Program patient record), nothing is forwarded to your GP and no information is stored electronically (RiO, Word, Dropbox etc). I don’t require your doctor to refer you to me, and I’m not tied to insurance companies nor EAPs (some of whom require reports to be submitted). My hand-written notes are destroyed after seven years.

Private means: what you talk about stays with me.

No GP Referral…

Being a fully qualified, insured and registered counsellor / psychotherapist, you can come straight to me without needing your doctor to send you. Plus: unlike counsellors in training organisations and some charities, I’m qualified to perform the initial assessment session with you; you won’t be referred to another counsellor by rote.

I’m dedicated to helping you make an informed decision about if counselling with me could assist you.

On time…

Unlike, say, some professional health service appointments, I guarantee that every one of our sessions will begin… and end… on time.

No waiting for delayed appointments, or having a thought that someone before you seems to be getting more time.

Frank, not Evasive…

Some counsellors’ websites (with their candles, oceanic views & tree blossom) could imply counselling is a peaceful walk in the park. I’d ask you: how does your recovery from rape, your guilt with a fatal car accident, or your struggles with your sexuality feel? Probably not peaceful.

For those dealing with the more serious of life events, I take a frank, open and respectful approach to your counselling. We can talk about all of the horror and difficulties that you cannot talk about elsewhere… and we’ll go at your pace.

Travel to Havant Counselling.

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Dean Richardson MNCS(Acc) MBACP(Accred).
Davies Pharmacy – left hand side gate entrance (pictured),
12 West Street,
PO9 1PF.

Just across the road from St. Faith’s Church, and entrance gate to the left of Endless Gifts (pictured).

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Gate Entrance to Havant Counselling

Book your first Counselling Session.

Generally, I work from 1pm until 9pm (Monday to Friday). Once you decide on a session day & time, that time stays with you until we have completed our work. Sessions are weekly and are of 50 minutes (with optional 90 minutes available).

Deciding on an appointment time? Choose from these available…

Counselling Appointments

Couples & Individuals (Havant, Hampshire)
Monday Appointments:Waiting list (contact me to discuss)
Tuesday Appointments:Not available
Wednesday Appointments:1pm2pm3pm4pm5pm6pm7pm8pm
Thursday Appointments:1pm2pm3pm4pm5pm6pm7pm8pm
Friday Appointments:Not available
Groups (Waterlooville, Hampshire)
Click to go to WaterloovilleCounselling.co.uk
Tuesday Appointments:1pm2pm3pm4pm5pm6pm7pm8pm

Couples & Individuals (Havant, Hampshire)
Mon:Waiting List (contact me to discuss)
Tue:Not Available
Thu:5pm or 8pm
Fri:Not Available
Groups (Waterlooville, Hampshire)
Visit WaterloovilleCounselling.co.uk
Tue:1pm, 2pm, 6pm or 7pm

Waiting lists may be available for unlisted times.

Times in red are the most popular and usually the first to be taken.

Making an appointment for your first counselling session is easy. You’re not committing to further sessions after the first if you don’t wish to, neither. We’ll discuss further sessions if we both agree working together seems helpful.

Simply CONTACT ME saying when you’d like to meet (choose from my my available appointments). I will confirm that the appointment is still available, and will reserve it for us. Once I’ve confirmed our appointment, prepare to send me your £30 refundable deposit, which confirms and secures our first appointment together. We will then meet for our initial, one-off, let’s-see-how-this-goes session (sometimes called an assessment for counselling).

There is no obligation to continue past the first session if you don’t wish to. If we both find that the session was helpful we will arrange to meet weekly (same time, day and place as the first appointment) until our work is done (or done enough to end counselling…).

Disabled Access & Facilities.

Disabled Access Counselling HavantHavant Counselling is accessible for wheelchair users, the mobility impaired and others needing disabled access to counselling near Havant.

Our counselling room is on a ground floor, and the entrance through to the counselling room is on a level surface (slight bump on the bottom of the entrance door).

There are fully equipped disabled-access toilet facilities (wide movement area, support bars, low wash-basin, pulley alarm etc) read more…

Wheelchair Accessible Toilet Facilities at Havant Counselling
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Havant Counselling

Counselling Services ~ Client Rating
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